Wholesale Real Christmas Trees from Feddal

We supply trees throughout the UK and Europe on articulated lorries, netted, palletised and graded for each customer.
Wholesale customers include Garden Centres, farmers markets, flower shops and supermarkets, with orders ranging from 50 trees to tens of thousands of trees.


All sizes of trees from 3ft to 35ft inclusive are available. Trees 3ft to 8ft are netted and palletised, 9ft and above are string tied and loose loaded.

Pallets are made as per customer requirements with mixed sizes and grades or specific to a certain size and quality.

All trees can be labelled with own customer labels or carry an ‘MSO Spurway Label’, colour coded according to size.

Feddal Supply the Forestry Commission

As the sole supplier of Fraser and Nordman Fir Trees to the Forestry Commission for over 30 years we can justifiably claim that we have some of the best best trees and best service in the UK.

MSO Spurway Wholesale Real Christmas Tree Price List 2019 Season

Premium Cut Nordman Fir

Size (ft)PriceSize (cm)
4ft£11.50120cm - 150cm
5ft£13.50150cm - 180cm
6ft£16.90180cm - 210cm
7ft£21.50210cm - 240cm
8ft£29.50240cm - 275cm
9ft£35.50275cm - 305cm
10ft£45.50305cm - 335cm
11ft£50.00335cm - 365cm
12ft£60.00365cm - 395cm
13ft£65.00395cm - 425cm
14ft£70.00425cm - 455cm
15ft£80.00455cm - 485cm
16 - 18ft£100.00485cm - 575cm
19 - 20ft£120.00575cm - 635cm

Standard / 2nd Cut Nordman Fir

Size (ft)PriceSize (cm)
4ft£6.00120cm - 150cm
5ft£8.00150cm - 180cm
6ft£10.00180cm - 210cm
7ft£12.00210cm - 240cm
8ft£18.00240cm - 275cm
9ft£22.00275cm - 305cm
10ft£28.00305cm - 335cm
11ft£30.00335cm - 365cm
12ft£30.00365cm - 395cm

Cut Fraser Fir

Size (ft)PriceSize (cm)
4ft£10.00120cm - 150cm
5ft£13.00150cm - 180cm
6ft£16.00180cm - 210cm
7ft£20.00210cm - 240cm
8ft£27.00240cm - 275cm
9ft£33.00275cm - 305cm
10ft£40.00305cm - 335cm

Cut Norway Spruce

Size (ft)PriceSize (cm)
4ft£5.20120cm - 150cm
5ft£6.50150cm - 180cm
6ft£8.00180cm - 210cm
7ft£9.50210cm - 240cm
8ft£12.50240cm - 275cm
9ft£18.00275cm - 305cm
10ft£25.00305cm - 335cm

Further Information

Minimum order quantity is 500 trees. Price can be negotiated for large orders. Please contact us with your enquiry.

You can also download our price list in pdf format.